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Welcome to Digital Advisors! Benefit from complete and personalized services, meant to grow your brand. We are an outcome-based team and we know that progress is all that matters! With lots of passion and determination, we seek to outline, enhance and share our clients’ stories!

Social Media
Through targeted campaigns, compelling content and constant online engagement, we share your story to the world.
Web Development
Profit from a fast, secure, friendly and memorable website that your clients will visit over and over again!
Graphic Design
Through graphics we build strong identities for our clients’ brands and surround them with their customers’ loyalty.
IT & C
Secure a linear and proactive workflow thanks to our fast and flexible IT solutions!

Why use SMS Marketing?

With SMS Marketing you can easily and efficiently promote yourself, optimizing dedicated costs and time.
In a world where mobile phones are always close to their owners, marketing techniques have molded on user habits. SMS Marketing has returned and has more promotional power than ever before! What does this mean to you? It’s a huge opportunity to make your company known, to convey content and to connect with your customers, in a simple and affordable way, without worrying about the number of people who actually read what you have to say.

Huge Open Rate.

The SMS is effective because people are close to their mobile phones. 80% of them check their phone soon after waking up and do it periodically throughout the day.

Affordable Costs.

SMS Marketing is one of the most affordable methods to send information and the results will speak for themselves. You can enjoy, therefore, guaranteed positive ROI.


SMS Marketing campaigns are very flexible, and you can adjust their settings at any time, to find the optimal solution, according to the information you receive in reports.


By sending text messages, you can be sure they will appear in real-time on the phone screens. No SPAM filters and no posts that do not reach all of your followers.

Concise Messages.

It’s often better to use few words, in order to avoid removing the focus from the core of the information.

Save Nature

You can enjoy conversions, and, at the same time, you can be proud of yourself for protecting the forests, by not using paper. Everything is digital!


Usage Examples

The SMS Marketing platform provides you with a wide range of features and allows you to quickly and easily send numerous types of messages to both your customers and your employees. Depending on the purpose, you can filter and group recipients, send personalized messages, and include links. Here's how you can use our SMS marketing service to keep your customers close and increase your sales:

Notifications Immediately broadcast major news with a 98% message open rate, within 3 minutes. You can announce new products or discounts in an easy, personal and affordable way.  
Send personalized wishes to your guests on holidays and birthdays, in the most effective way. You can also send invitations to various events and meetings.  
Inform your customers automatically about appointments, orders, subscriptions and other types of services. Your customers will appreciate this, and all you have to do is connect the SMS Marketing platform to a management system.  

Why work with our team

Our clients can rest assure that their online presence is in good hands. Here’s why!


360 Approach

Having all your needs taken care of in the same place? Digital Advisors is right what you need! After working with numerous people, from numerous industries, we have developed a set of complete services, from social media and graphic design, from web development to IT&C, all meant to help your company become the best version of itself.

Creativity & Innovation

We are ceaselessly broadening our horizons to master the secrets of any marketplace. We rely on a mix of creativity, research and technology.

Reports & Feedback

Each move you make has an impact. We help carefully measure your progress and calculate your next move, through innovative analytical tools.

Constant Advice & Consultancy

You will never feel alone or ignored. We will be just a phone call/email/ticket away.


SMS Packages


Select the appropriate package, easy and quick!

Number of SMS Price/ SMS Cost/ Package API Select
100 0,045 € 4,5 €
1.000 0,043 € 43 €
2.500 0,041 € 102,5 €
5.000 0,039 € 195 € 50 € set-up
10.000 0,035 € 350 € 50 € set-up
You can choose to send branded messages and the name of your company will appear as a sender, in order to create more trust and credibility.
Monthly Contract

Enjoy the best offer for your business!

Number of SMS Price/ SMS Cost/ Package API Select
1.000 0,033 € Minimum 6 months Contract 35 € set-up
5.000 0,032 € incl. set-up
10.000 0,031 € incl. set-up
>10.000 0,030 € incl. set-up
You can choose to send branded messages and the name of your company will appear as a sender, in order to create more trust and credibility.
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